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Essations Sanity Sensitive Scalp Mix Kit Relaxer (9 App)

Essations Sanity Sensitive Scalp Mix Kit Relaxer (9 App)

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Sanity by Essations Sensitive Scalp Mix Kit Relaxer is a relaxer formula created for clients with sensitive scalps so they too can enjoy soft, silky, frizz-free hair without the irritation associated with conventional relaxers.


A guanidine hydroxide relaxer that is formulated using calcium hydroxide as the cream base and guanidine carbonate as the liquid activator. The liquid activator is added to the cream base and mixed thoroughly to a creamy rich consistency immediately before use. This unique guanidine hydroxide relaxer mixture quickly penetrations the hair shaft and processes effectively without drying affects and damage common associated with “no lye” guanidine category. The tri-lanolin formula conditioners are being deposited into the hair strands during processing, adding protection and leaving the hair with more natural body, movement and shine.

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